18, rue Nicolas Appert 91898 Orsay - FRANCE

Amplifiers – Compact range

AA MCS focusses in proposing ITAR FREE compact and ultra compact power amplifier modules for commercial, industrial and military applications. All designs are based on GaN technology and are manufactured in France.


  • Best in class for UAV SatCom and PtoP solutions
  • Ideal for Manpack or Vehicule jamming solutions or EW compact integrations
  • Qualified for harsh environmental conditions
  • Qualified for UAV and Airborne applications
  • Broadband and Ultra broadband versions
  • High efficiency and improved EVM
  • Integration possible in Racks for Instrumentation or Telecom markets

Additional information

AAMCS-AMP-2G-18G-35dB-36dBm-0-C2GHz-18GHz35dB36dBm28VDC-0-C CompactDownload
AAMCS-AMP-2G-18G-45dB-40dBm-0-C2GHz-18GHz45dB40dBm28VDC-0-C CompactDownload
AAMCS-AMP-13G-16.5G-40dB-43dBm-0-C13GHz-16.5GHz40dB43dBm28VDC-0-C CompactDownload
AAMCS-AMP-6G-18G-45dB-43dBm-0-C6GHz-18GHz45dB43dBm28VDC-0-C CompactOn request
AAMCS-AMP-2G-6G-45dB-45dBm-0-C2000MHz-6000MHz45dB45dBm28VDC-0-C CompactDownload
AAMCS-AMP-6G-12G-45dB-45dBm-0-C6GHz-12GHz45dB45dBm28VDC-0-C CompactDownload
AAMCS-AMP-13G-15.5G-40dB-46dBm-0-C13GHz-15.5GHz40dB46dBm28 VDC-0-C CompactDownload
AAMCS-AMP-8G-11G-50dB-50dBm-0-C8GHz-11GHz50dB50dBm28VDC-0-C CompactOn request