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Integration Services

For the integration of complex sub-systems and systems, MCS is backed by its complementary partnerships it has with its specialized staff in the passive and active product lines.
Our company is able to offer complete solution to its customers, for which technical specifications fully meet their needs.

MCS is a solutions provider, proposing its services for the assembly of “turn-key” systems, for which our interdisciplinary nature is well adapted for the integration of complex systems and sub-systems.

MCS offers project studies, design, and production of modules, systems and sub-systems, from prototyping through to mass production.
For each project study, a prototype is developed followed by a thorough series of tests and measurements.

Additional information

Custom Designed Sub-Systems to customer specification

AA-MCS can handle full integration of your custom or off-the-shelf system. With in-depth knowledge of a wide range of computing solutions, we can assist you with the selection, procurement installation, configuration and support hardware and software elements.
Creation of these systems may include designing or building a customized architecture or application, integrating it with new or existing hardware, packaged and custom software, and communications infrastructure.
Custom configurations include cabinets, rackmounted units, modular units and 19" bench top units.

Amplifiers Integrated into Rackmounted units or Cabinet

This type of material is intended for very broadband and/or very High Power requirements, such as telecommunications, Laboratories or test benches, or EMC applications.

Redundant Amplifier Systems

Redundant configuration increases the reliability of the system. It includes a switch system that detects amplifier malfunction and switches the signal to a second amplifier. As with module amplifiers, power suppliers may also be redundant. Control of this type of system may be either automated or triggered by an operator via software.