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Switch Matrix

MCS offers a range of passive and active Switch Matrices covering any bandwidth up to 20 GHz.
Based on your electrical and mechanical requirements, MCS will provide a detailed proposal, including the specification and RF block diagram.

Because this involved specific development will be realased, our cost effective Switch Matrices will fully meet your needs.
Our Switch Matrices are dedicated to radio-relay transmission reception and test benches, which are designed to meet the requirements of military, space and also telecommunication standards.

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Non Blocking (all inputs connected to all outputs), Fan-Out (each input can be independently connected to any one output with no interference to other outputs).

Remote Control

Integrated controller unit provides remote monitoring and control through RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, TTL, USB, RJ-45 or TCP/IP via customer supplied PC.


Matrices are rackmounted (boxes with size, weight, connector types and location designed to your specifications), or custom module.